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Artificial Intelligence and blog posting


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Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence, specifically the language model GPT3 and its successors, is revolutionizing the way we write and communicate online. Thanks to its capabilities, BloggerAI has been developed as an editor that allows you to write blog articles quickly and effectively, generating text autonomously and suggesting words and phrases during writing.

BloggerAI also offers other features, such as text analysis and translation into other languages, to improve the visibility of the article and reach a wider audience.

BloggerAI demonstrates how artificial intelligence can improve productivity and writing quality online, offering new opportunities for communication and connection with the public.

BloggerAI Development:

The BloggerAI project was launched in January 2023 and its first version was released online in March.

The software is in constant evolution thanks to the rapidly moving field of artificial intelligence and the many new developments that occur in a short period of time. For example, in March, the GPT3.5-Turbo model was released, which allowed for faster and lower-cost writing, bringing the average cost of an article down from €0.20 to just €0.02.

Our initial goal was to create an intelligent editor that could help businesses communicate online with higher quality content and in a faster way.

This goal has been largely achieved, as even this presentation was written using BloggerAI.

Technologies Used:

To develop BloggerAI, we leveraged our solid technology stack which includes:

  • Typescript is a programming language that offers more functionality and security during application development compared to Javascript.
  • Angular is a web development framework used to create web applications that allow for the development of complex and scalable applications.
  • Fastify is a fast and lightweight web framework. It is designed to efficiently handle a high volume of requests, thanks to its plugin and middleware-based architecture.

It was crucial to integrate the GPT3.5 models distributed by OpenAI to ensure the best possible writing experience for users. We refined these models to ensure that the final result meets the expectations of our users.

We believe that this combination of technologies has allowed us to create a high-quality product, ready to meet the needs of anyone looking to create content on the internet.

Achieved results:

One week after the official launch, over 150 users have registered on the platform, and over 500 articles have been written in 10 different languages.

Further information

If you want to delve deeper into our work in the field of artificial intelligence, we invite you to take a look at the dedicated section on our website.