We called it consultancy because “two days of brainstorming, analysis and report to get you results right away” was too long.

Now, let us explain what consultancy really means.

Initial Consultancy by Colibryx

  • Live meeting in your company.
  • Analysis of the production and organizational context.
  • Brainstorming on goals and opportunities
  • Preparing a report document.
  • Investment Plan

Price: 200€

The pleasure is all ours.

Our consultancy consists of two meetings, with the aim of making you aware of the opportunities you have and the digital solutions we offer to reach them.

In the first meeting we come to you: we get to know each other and take a couple of hours to together do an analysis of the current context of your company and a brainstorming on how to improve it together.

We bring everything home and prepare a report document in which we take into consideration 5 aspects of your business, assign them a score, and for each of them we present up to 3 improvement proposals increasing in economic, temporal and logistical terms.

In the second and last meeting we will present it to you live, at that moment you will become aware of the digital positioning that we can reach together.

The aspects we consider in the report are:

Currently used technology stack

It is essential that the company's toolkit is solid and performant. The assessment and improvement proposal we will make will evaluate:

  • The speed and efficiency of the website (if present).
  • The security of the computer systems used;
  • The cost and verification of the existence of more cost-effective solutions.
  • The degree of reliability of the software used (security analysis and maintenance).

Management of Corporate Documentation

Managing, archiving and cataloguing documents in an orderly manner makes a difference. The evaluation and improvement proposal that we will make will consider:

  • Information systems (if present);
  • Sharing of files and information.
  • The preservation and cataloging of assets and business information.
  • The management of similar documents (standardization of documents)

Management of Business Operations

Optimizing a company requires openness, innovation and awareness. The assessment and improvement proposal we will make will evaluate:

  • The production processes and the percentage of technology utilized to optimize them.
  • Internal communication and systems used.

Customer and Supplier Relationships

Nurturing solid and lasting relationships requires the right preparation. The assessment and improvement proposal we will make will consider:

  • The relationship with clients
  • The current CRM (if present);
  • The relationship with suppliers
  • Catalog and metrics systems for vendor relationships.

State of Technological Innovation

Assess the potential implementation of new technologies from a business perspective. The assessment and improvement proposal we will make will evaluate:

  • Use or possible employment of technologies such as Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Business Automation.

If you were wondering

Here you can find the answers, otherwise write us at info@colibryx.com.