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E-commerce has a dual function: it allows businesses to reach a huge base of buyers, and at the same time it allows users to purchase products and services online.

The advantages include efficiency in payments and shipments, visibility of products, better communication and optimization of the purchase experience.

We show you some examples:

  • E-commerce App
  • E-commerce Website
  • Digital Product E-commerce
  • E-Commerce Ticketing
  • E-commerce with Interactive Products

E-commerce App

Designed mobile e-commerce applications that allow customers to purchase products and services from smartphones and tablets.

  • Improvement of user experience and customer satisfaction.

  • Better analysis of data and user behavior in real time.

  • Access to secure payments and generate more revenue.


8 Weeks

The Colibryx Method

From Business Management to Artificial Intelligence, all the services we offer follow a scientific, technological, and personalized method depending on what you need.

1. Engineering

  • Two brainstorming sessions to focus on needs
  • Drafting a report document with possible implementations.
  • Presentation of report and start of work

2. UI/UX Design

  • Collection and selection of elements of the coordinated image and design system.
  • Design and Development of UI and UX
  • Drafting a resolution document to address the issues presented in the report
  • Presentation and Confirmation of Design

3. Creating Mockup with Cabled Data

  • Initialization of Frontend Development
  • Implementation of components with static and wired elements
  • Implementation and presentation of design
  • Navigating the platform in its final version demo.
  • Customer review of workflow

4. Development and Implementation of a Server

  • Design and configuration of database
  • Initialization of backend development in test environment
  • Implementation of authentication methods for security
  • Developing API calls to interoperate with the database

5. Connection of mockup to the server

  • Creating a Beta Server Environment
  • Connecting to the static mockup of the beta APIs
  • Presentation of a functional and navigable theme
  • First internal testing and debugging phase to optimize the process.

6. Release supervised beta

  • Release of the full, usable software beta.
  • Constant availability to make modifications and adjustments to the software.

7. Official Release

  • Installation of server in production official environment
  • Configuration of frontend development on corporate devices
  • Release of the complete and fully functional management system at 100%.

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