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Blockchain Services

The technology of blockchain has several advantages: it is decentralized, so no single user can manipulate it; it is secure, because cryptography ensures that the information remains protected.

It offers fast transactions and lower costs, as there are no intermediaries involved; it is transparent and immutable with documented and visible transactions.

We show you some examples:

  • Smart Contracts App
  • Blockchain Payment Systems
  • Traceability Management
  • Copyright Protection
  • Documents and Contracts 3.0

Smart Contracts App

Apps that allow you to create, execute, monitor, and manage peer-to-peer smart contracts on a blockchain with intuitive experiences and convenient management.

  • The ability to create and securely manage smart contracts on the blockchain.

  • The ability to execute smart contracts in real time and quickly.

  • Prevention of fraud and manipulation of contracts.


8 Weeks

The Colibryx Method

From Business Management to Artificial Intelligence, all the services we offer follow a scientific, technological, and personalized method depending on what you need.

1. Engineering

  • Two brainstorming sessions to focus on needs
  • Drafting a report document with possible implementations.
  • Presentation of report and start of work

2. UI/UX Design

  • Collection and selection of elements of the coordinated image and design system.
  • Design and Development of UI and UX
  • Drafting a resolution document to address the issues presented in the report
  • Presentation and Confirmation of Design

3. Creating Mockup with Cabled Data

  • Initialization of Frontend Development
  • Implementation of components with static and wired elements
  • Implementation and presentation of design
  • Navigating the platform in its final version demo.
  • Customer review of workflow

4. Development and Implementation of a Server

  • Design and configuration of database
  • Initialization of backend development in test environment
  • Implementation of authentication methods for security
  • Developing API calls to interoperate with the database

5. Connection of mockup to the server

  • Creating a Beta Server Environment
  • Connecting to the static mockup of the beta APIs
  • Presentation of a functional and navigable theme
  • First internal testing and debugging phase to optimize the process.

6. Release supervised beta

  • Release of the full, usable software beta.
  • Constant availability to make modifications and adjustments to the software.

7. Official Release

  • Installation of server in production official environment
  • Configuration of frontend development on corporate devices
  • Release of the complete and fully functional management system at 100%.

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