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Traceability of the wine supply chain on blockchain


3 Months




Blockchain is an innovative technology that offers numerous benefits in terms of information security and integrity.

Thanks to its ability to reduce operational costs and eliminate intermediation, blockchain represents an ideal solution for improving transparency in the wine industry.

Indeed, through its application, it is possible to guarantee product traceability, verify its authenticity, and know its origin.

Blockchain can be used to monitor the distribution chain, improving product quality and increasing consumer trust.

Development of the platform for Chain4Italy:

In response to Chain4Italy's need to track the various stages of the wine production supply chain, we have developed a modular solution that meets the needs of individual farmers and wine producers.

We have adopted a conventional approach for this management system, integrated with blockchain as the main storage for data relating to the production activities. We have created a dedicated web page that can be accessed through a QR code on the bottle to view well-structured information retrieved from the blockchain.

In practice, the blockchain allows access to verified and tamper-proof information that cannot be counterfeited. This means that in the future, even if the company is no longer present, the information will still be available to consumers.

Technologies used and features present:

The Chain4Italy platform has been developed using modern standards, based on various Typescript frontend and backend frameworks. This choice allowed us to achieve a faster development process without sacrificing the quality of the final product.

As for the chosen blockchain, we opted for Algorand, specifically designed to efficiently and securely handle large-scale decentralized applications. Its seamless integration with the Typescript development environment and its adaptability to our specific needs made Algorand the ideal choice for our project.

The end result is a performant and dynamic application that focuses on product traceability, a vital aspect for high-quality products in Italy. However, our goal was also to ensure that data entry by farmers was quick and simple, without creating difficulties in the daily use of the platform.

In summary, the Chain4Italy platform represents an innovative and highly effective solution to improve the traceability of wine products in Italy, while also offering a simple and intuitive user experience for industry operators.

Further Information

If you would like to delve deeper into our approach to blockchain, we invite you to take a look at the dedicated section on our website here.