Automated customer assistance


4 Months


Artificial Intelligence

Eurocar, one of the leaders in the auto parts industry in Verona, has decided to focus on digital innovation with the aim of improving its operational efficiency. In partnership with Colibryx, Eurocar has implemented an artificial intelligence-based management system that has revolutionized its order acceptance workflow.

Before Colibryx's intervention, the entire process was carried out exclusively via WhatsApp. Although this method met the immediate communication needs of customers, it presented operational inefficiencies from an internal organizational point of view.

Thanks to a sophisticated yet intuitive management system, Eurocar has been able to maintain its transparent and immediate communication with customers, but at the same time has been able to optimize the internal workflow in several aspects:

  1. Order routing: it is now possible to quickly assign delivery shifts to each customer, improving order efficiency and organization.
  2. Ticket management: conversations now have ticket status, with different progress states, making communication management more structured.
  3. Conversation assignment: conversations can be assigned to specific team members, avoiding the need to search through all chats.
  4. Automated data collection: artificial intelligence automatically collects crucial information such as the car license plate and the part to be ordered, ensuring significant time savings.
  5. Customer database: the system maintains an updated and complete database with all the necessary customer information.
  6. Automated tasks: an additional artificial intelligence engine automatically creates tasks based on customer-requested actions.

This project demonstrates Colibryx's flexible and personalized approach to solving business challenges through ingenious solutions. The goal is always to improve productivity and efficiency while maintaining effective communication with customers. Thanks to this solution, Eurocar continues to offer excellent service to its customers, but now with an optimized backend and a higher level of organization.