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What is Filestamp

Filestamp is a platform that utilizes blockchain technology to store files and their associated metadata. When a file is uploaded onto the platform, a unique hash is created to represent the file, which is saved on the blockchain to ensure its immutability and transparency.

Every file uploaded to the platform is associated with an NFT. This serves as proof of ownership and allows you to retrieve the file and its metadata at any time.

Filestamp is particularly useful for those who need to protect the intellectual property of a work, such as an image, text or video, ensuring proof of ownership and file integrity over time.

How blockchain works

Blockchain is a distributed database that records transactions securely and transparently. Each node in the network has a copy of the information recorded on the blockchain, and each transaction is verified and confirmed by all nodes, ensuring data integrity and preventing fraud or manipulation. Blockchain technology is used in various sectors, from finance to legal, from energy to logistics, and is increasingly widespread in the world of computing and cybersecurity.

Saving files on the blockchain

One of the distinctive features of Filestamp is the ability to save files on the blockchain using Arweave. This blockchain has been specifically designed for data storage, which means that in addition to certifying file ownership, it is possible to have a copy of the file itself saved securely and immutably. This is a great advantage over other file certification solutions, where it is often necessary to store the file elsewhere in order to retrieve it in the future. Additionally, Arweave ensures maximum transparency and security in file management, preventing any attempts at modification or falsification.

File Encryption

Talking about file encryption, Filestamp offers a high level of security thanks to end-to-end encryption. This means that only the file owner can decrypt the content, making it inaccessible to any unauthorized person. Moreover, thanks to blockchain technology, file information is completely protected and immutable, ensuring maximum security and data integrity. File encryption is essential for the protection of sensitive data and Filestamp provides a reliable and highly secure solution.

Loading Files.

It is important to know that it is not necessary to register on Filestamp in order to protect your files. The upload process is extremely easy and fast, and once completed, a PDF certificate containing all the necessary information to retrieve the file at a later time will be issued. To upload a file to Filestamp, simply select it from your computer or mobile device and upload it to the platform. Once the upload is complete, the platform generates a unique hash of the file and registers it on the blockchain, ensuring its immutability and ownership. Thanks to this process, the file owner can confidently demonstrate the file's creation date and ownership in case of disputes or copyright infringement.

File ownership check

By using the desktop application and the PDF certificate from Filestamp, you can easily retrieve the content of the protected file at any time. Furthermore, thanks to the blockchain, every registered file is immutable and traceable, thus constituting the ideal solution for companies that wish to protect their sensitive data and ensure ownership.

Importance of Data Security

Data security is paramount in the digital age. Blockchain is a reliable technology to protect them. Filestamp uses blockchain to ensure data security and immunity, also protecting the content of files. In this way, users can share information in complete security. Encryption ensures data anonymity and prevents unauthorized access.

Filestamp advantages

One of the main advantages of using Filestamp is that the platform uses blockchain technology to ensure the immunity of registered files. This means that once a file is uploaded to Filestamp, it cannot be modified or deleted without leaving traces. This is particularly important for legal or financial documents, which need to be protected from any attempts of fraud or alteration. Additionally, Filestamp allows saving time and resources as there is no longer a need to store a copy of the documents in different locations to ensure their security.

More information

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