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GCX Fitness is a project developed to provide users with solid support in their fitness journey. This application provides an intuitive and user-friendly platform that simplifies the task of monitoring physical activities, creating personalized workout plans, and managing meal plans.

The core functionality of the application is represented by its sophisticated management system, designed to allow Giulia to create and organize workout plans for each client according to their needs and fitness goals. This system allows tracking progress, making changes and updates to workout programs in a simple and immediate manner.

We have developed this app with the goal of providing an extremely satisfying user experience, combining advanced features, pleasant design, and a user-friendly interface.

Development of GCX Fitness:

The "GCX Fitness" application was perfected and completed towards the end of July 2023. Following a rigorous testing process to ensure the highest quality, the app was made available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Currently, the "GCX Fitness" version is stable and readily accessible for all users who want to start a personalized workout experience.

Technologies Used:

Our decision to use Flutter for the development of the application was driven by the desire to maximize efficiency and ease of managing the various functionalities of the app. Flutter allowed us to maintain a single source code (codebase) for both iOS and Android platforms.

This strategic choice not only reduced the time required for development and testing of the app but also simplified the process of implementing updates and improvements, ensuring consistency and uniformity across all platforms.

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