Jako Wine

Delayed wine consumption


2 Months



For the Vinitaly 2023 fair in Verona, the Jako wine cellar relied on Vero4Chain and Colibryx to create a unique experience for the event's guests. By combining the elegance of wine with a revolutionary technology like blockchain, Colibryx developed a solution that redefined the relationship between wine lovers and their precious bottles.

The software developed by Colibryx allowed guests to register for the event through an exclusive web page. During the event, registered guests received an email with an NFT, a Non-Fungible Token, which acts as a kind of digital voucher corresponding to their gift: a bottle of wine to be redeemed in the future.

The introduction of NFTs not only added a technological touch to the experience but also opened the way to a new way of managing and appreciating wine. Each NFT represents a physical bottle of wine, carefully stored in the Jako Wine cellar until the moment of consumption. This allows for deferred consumption, as well as optimal wine storage.

Furthermore, the use of blockchain technology has enabled the creation of a lively secondary market for Jako Wine bottles. NFTs can be traded or resold without the need to physically move the bottles. This makes the system ideal for investors and collectors of fine wines.

The blockchain used in the project was Algorand, chosen for its security and transparency properties. Colibryx worked in collaboration with Vero4Chain, a university spin-off, to develop this fully customized solution for Jako Wine.

This project demonstrates Colibryx's commitment to the innovative use of technology to create unique and rewarding experiences. The effectiveness of these solutions goes beyond customer satisfaction and paves the way for new ways to manage and appreciate quality products such as wine.