Automated calculation of vehicle rental prices


6 Months



The Noleggiare project was born out of the need to automate the calculation of vehicle prices.

An ambitious enterprise, realized thanks to the synergy between Colibryx and the University of Verona.

The main challenge lay in the complexity of the algorithm that had to be developed: the mission was to calculate prices for over 50 vehicle classes, considering different rental durations for the entire month for which the calculation was made, and incorporating variables such as seasonality.

The goal? To optimize prices to maximize vehicle occupancy.

To ensure the effectiveness of this system, the University of Verona took the lead in developing the algorithm, leveraging its technological expertise and solid mathematical know-how.

Once the algorithm was developed, Colibryx came into play, and our task was to create an easy and intuitive user interface.

Flexibility and clarity were the prerequisites: the system must allow Noleggiare to dynamically configure all the different variables and quickly display prices for different vehicle classes.

Colibryx also developed the interface of a simulator that allows for verification of the results and built a structure capable of working with multiple users.

Furthermore, the ability to synchronize with Noleggiare's systems allows for continuous optimization and effective price updates.

The result is a dynamic and precise system, a significant step forward for Noleggiare. The high level of customization and ease of use of the interface are tangible examples of the added value offered by Colibryx.