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2 Years




Satiurn was one of the first projects developed by Colibryx, with the main goal of meeting all company work needs. After a long development period, the current version offers numerous useful features for project management and electronic invoicing.

Satiurn also offers the ability to share documents with clients, communicate project progress, collaborate with other freelancers on shared projects, use the internal chat for direct messaging, and integrate with Dropbox, Google Drive, and many other services. Finally, the software supports multi-user, allowing multiple users to work simultaneously on a project.

Regarding project management, the software offers the ability to organize activities into boards with list, kanban, or timeline views. Additionally, it is possible to control individual tasks and sub-tasks in an advanced manner, set priority tags, deadlines, and custom fields, monitor work time and workload, and dynamically filter and sort boards.

Development of Satiurn:

The Satiurn project was started in 2019, and thanks to the work methodology developed by Colibryx over the years, it was possible to make significant improvements to both the code structure and project management.

This has led to two complete rewrites of the project, but it has also allowed for improved expandability of the project and keeping it up-to-date with the latest technologies available on the market.

Technologies used:

Satiurn has been developed using cutting-edge technologies.

The design process was carried out using the Figma platform, which enables the creation and sharing of design projects in a collaborative and highly interactive manner.

The server, on the other hand, was written in Typescript, a programming language based on JavaScript that allows for more robust and maintainable code. To implement the server, we chose to use the Fastify framework, known for its incredible speed and scalability.

As for the graphical interface, it was implemented using Angular, an open-source framework developed by Google that allows for the creation of dynamic and responsive web applications.

Finally, the database used is mongoDB, a non-relational database that perfectly suits the needs of our backend. Thanks to its flexible and scalable structure, mongoDB allows for efficient storage of large amounts of data and quick access through the server's APIs.

The use of these technologies allows Satiurn users to perceive immediacy and speed in the actions performed on the platform. This speed, combined with careful UI/UX design, ensures that users have the best possible user experience.

Further information

If you want to delve deeper into our way of working in the field of customized business management software, we invite you to take a look at the dedicated section on our website.