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Artificial Intelligence: Accessible Tools for Everyone You Should Know

Artificial Intelligence: Accessible Tools for Everyone You Should Know

Artificial Intelligence: Accessible Tools for Everyone You Should Know

What is artificial intelligence?

For many, the first encounter with the term "artificial intelligence" (AI) happened through science fiction. For over a century, we have been fascinated by stories of intelligent robots, sometimes friendly, other times less so.

However, in today's reality, when we talk about AI, we often refer to a technology called "machine learning."

Unlike the robots in movies that simulate every aspect of natural intelligence, machine learning simply refers to software algorithms capable of learning. These algorithms progressively improve in performing a specific task as they are exposed to more data.

Machine learning is the foundation of numerous revolutionary tools that have transformed our way of life. This includes online information search with Google, shopping on Amazon, watching movies on Netflix, or ordering a ride with Uber.

Now, the new generation of AI applications offers us the opportunity to use it for almost any imaginable task. So, let's take a look at some of these applications.

Revolutionary Apps Everyone Should Know

  • ChatGPT: A viral phenomenon, ChatGPT is a conversational platform based on OpenAI's advanced language model GPT-4.
    It is available for free as a research preview in version 3.5, responding to questions and instructions with text, poetry, and even code.
  • DALL-E: This OpenAI project, along with ChatGPT, has sparked consumer interest in generative artificial intelligence. It transforms text prompts into computer-generated graphics, such as images and paintings.
  • Stable Diffusion: Another text-to-image generative application. Unlike DALL-E, its source code and training data details are publicly accessible, allowing for download and installation on your own computer.
  • Lumen5: An AI-powered video creation tool that allows anyone to create educational, marketing, or business video content with a simple interface.
  • Soundraw: Automated music generator. It creates royalty-free music by selecting genre, instruments, mood, and duration. The AI composes unique tracks.
  • Looka: Facilitates corporate branding using AI to create distinctive and personalized logos. Ideal for those without design skills.
  • Podcastle: Audio recording and editing platform with integrated AI tools. Produces clean and professional recordings, automating sound cleaning and transcription creation.
  • Gen-1: Cloud-based platform that creates videos from uploaded ones, using text prompts for edits and effects, or for creating animations from storyboards.
  • Uses a neural network system to automatically separate audio sources, such as vocals, music, or instrumental tracks, from any audio or video content.
  • Deep Nostalgia: Animates faces in historical family photos, allowing them to smile, blink, and laugh as if they were recorded on video.
  • Murf: Speech synthesis engine to create natural synthetic voice recordings in 15 languages, with over 100 voices and dialects. Ideal for automated marketing or video content.
  • Legal Robot: Legal Robot is a legal tech company offering AI-based solutions for automated legal analysis. Its goal is to make the understanding and creation of legal documents more accessible and efficient, automatically translating complex "legalese" into plain language.
    Useful for anyone wanting to understand legal documents.
    This innovative AI tool revolutionizes the way we analyze and understand legal contracts. With Legal Robot, you can save time, reduce legal costs, and mitigate risks with ease.
  • Fireflies: Integrates with video conferencing tools like Zoom, Teams, or Webex, automating note-taking and transcription creation, also providing conversation analysis.
  • Krisp: Conference application that eliminates background noise, echo, and other distracting elements in real-time, ensuring clarity and professionalism.
  • HeyGen: is an AI-powered video generation platform that allows users to easily create professional videos for businesses. This tool offers unique features that make it remarkable in the AI video generation landscape:
    1. Video Creation with Talking Avatars: HeyGen allows the use of over 100 AI avatars and 300 voices available in 40 languages. This allows users to create realistic videos with perfect lip synchronization in minutes.
    2. Versatility for Different Purposes: HeyGen is ideal for creating personalized and engaging videos for marketing, online training, and other applications. It allows creating videos without the need for a camera or advanced editing skills.
  • is an AI-based tool designed to offer a wide range of features in the field of video translation. Its main goal is to make video content translation and accessibility simpler and more efficient, especially for content creators, businesses, and organizations.
  • BloggerAI: The era of artificial intelligence has brought significant changes to the world of digital writing, particularly thanks to the evolution of language models like GPT and its subsequent versions.
    In this innovative context, BloggerAI was born, an advanced editor designed to transform the way we create blog content.
    This tool stands out for its ability to autonomously generate texts and assist users by suggesting words and phrases while writing blog articles.
    In addition to writing, BloggerAI enriches the user experience with text analysis and translation into various languages, thus increasing the reach and accessibility of articles.
    The platform is a clear example of how artificial intelligence can enhance productivity and enrich the quality of online writing, opening new frontiers in communication and audience engagement.
  • Canva: a popular online graphic design platform, has integrated artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance and simplify the design experience for users.
    This implementation of AI in Canva aims to make design more accessible and intuitive, even for those without professional training in the field of graphic design.
  • Adobe Photoshop, a well-known graphic editing software, has integrated artificial intelligence (AI) into multiple aspects of its platform, significantly improving the software's functionality and efficiency. This integration leverages Adobe's AI platform called Adobe Sensei. Here's how Photoshop has implemented AI:

In conclusion, artificial intelligence (AI) has transitioned from the pages of science fiction novels to the reality of our daily lives, opening a world of fascinating possibilities.

AI is changing the game in every industry, from producing educational videos with Lumen5 to automatically generating music with Soundraw.

We are entering an era where creativity and efficiency converge, thanks to the power of AI. Want to learn more about how AI can enrich your life or work? Visit our website to explore the vast universe of AI!